10 Social Media Mistakes That Hurt Your Business Growth!

1) Not knowing

Today every single business is a business / media company. You should know which social media platform to use to advertise and grow your business.

2) Content

Content is KING they say. There is a difference between good and bad content. You want to produce great content that shows your customers that your company truly has value to give. When your customer gains that confidence in the value they give you will attract new customers to your business.

3) Inconsistent Posting

Content doesn’t work if you’re not active enough. Inconsistent posting will show that you’re not putting the effort to give your customers what they are looking for.

4) Website Optimization

It’s not enough anymore to just have an informational website. There are over 2 billion websites on the internet and in order to get the attention of your customers you need to engage with them and be there friend, business is all about establishing a relationship with your customers.

5) Ghost Followers

Great job! You have 5,000 followers on your social media but only 50 of them are actually paying attention to what you’re posting.

6) Brand Story

Brand story means EVERYTHING to your business. People love the authenticity of a businesses story and every business has a story. By not sharing your story your customers won’t feel connected to your business and won’t be loyal customers.

7) Bad Marketing

Do you have a marketing strategy? How are you reaching your audience? Who is your audience? Without a plan, you will be all over the map and won’t be getting results. You may even loose money.

8) Automation

Nobody likes to talk to a robot. If you are automating your posts then your customers will see right through it. Posting live is the best method. Participate in Facebook or Instagram Live.

9) Format of Posting

You can post all day, but if you don’t have any visuals to grab your customers attention while they’re going through their phone then you won’t even be considered. They will pass you by until they find something visually appealing.

10) No Results

You can choose to study social media marketing in depth on your own but it’ll take to long to get the results that you deserve. By making an investment in social media marketing you will have a partner who is knowledgeable in how to get you more customers using social media so you can focus fully on your business.